Friday, July 4, 2008

Will next week ever come?

Alright...first up the shitty stuff.
I feel like all I've been saying is that "next week will be better". Money has been soooo tight lately, like really badly tight. And I keep waiting for next week when it will be better. Last financial year was hard, now we are in the new year it should be better but of course Centrelink goes in fortnights so "next week will be better" and B's disability support pension appointment has been pushed back to "next week". *sigh* So hopefully "next week will be better" *sigh* I live in hope!!
Now for the good stuff:
My sewing machine is fixed!! Yay! My Uncle who worked in textiles for ever was here the other day and had a look and fixed it! Woot! I didn't bend the arm which I thought I had (phew!) it had a burr on the metal plate and on a bit inside from the bent needle and is all better. It even has oil!
I am hoping to pick it up tomorrow. :)
My car is fixed!! Yay!! Brad's Dad is down and came over to fix it. They started it up and used some thing to check the power of the thing (yep, real technical here). Turns out the battery just died. (LOL *blushing profusely here*) So that's all ready to go, good thing too as it has half a tank of petrol in it!
The next lot of good news is that I'm not pregnant! Yay! I was worried there for a bit and had to do a test but have proof today that it's not possible. ;) BFing has really stuffed up my cycle, bear with me while I get used to it. I am on the pill and have been but thought it would be like the normal pill, but it's not. Nuff said.
Still no word on my washing machine and it's been a month. They are waiting on a replacement part to be reshipped that was faulty or some nonsense. Worst purchase of my life.
I'm also trying to load my photo program but for some reason, it won't load when you've opened it once per computer session. Yeah, I know....So pics of Wiggles pants will have to wait. Again!

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