Friday, July 25, 2008

A week?

It's been a week since I last posted? That went quick!
It's been a bit crazy here lately, sick kids, freezing weather etc so not much crafting done unfortunately. I did do a bit though....

This owl which I made up as I went....

He was going to be a new baby gift but I just used any old material from my stash and I don't think he's right for a baby, you know?

I have also decided on a colour scheme for the big boys' room. (Levi and Hunter share) I'm going to do it in greens and browns, sounds boring, right? Wait til you hear that I can't even paint or anything because we are renting!! This will be a big WIP (work in progress).
Here are some canvases that I have covered in fabric for their room. The car one is a Michael Miller retro fabric, the guitars is also by Michael Miller. I love their fabrics. I am waiting on Levi's fabric to make his quilt then I will do a fabric covered canvas for him too.

Raife's room will be red and blue and I have fabric for his quilt on the way too.

I've been working on Izzy's quilt but am not loving's a pic...

I am going to redo it, it looks funny.

We are selling both our cars at the moment so cross your fingers they sell!!
Here's a link for all you stickybeaks

Brad and I went to the annual book fair today. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong! SO dodgy! Old smelly books, but not even good old smelly books. Just crappy novels, romance books, reference books. *sigh* I bought 2 things. A better homes and gardens mag from 2006 cos it had a softie pattern for a rabbit and a family circle (year??) book on dolls and toys.

I only bought it for the retro pics inside.

And here is a beautiful pic of Hunter playing with Raife, R was laughing and gooing at him. I took the pic through the kitchen alcove so excuse the tissue box in the corner.

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