Thursday, July 3, 2008

Daycare Day

Tomorrow is daycare day. I am really looking forward to it. How horrible is that? I get really guilty when I do other things than play with the boys during the day so tomorrow I will hopefully be able to spend some time sewing. I started handstitching the binding on my quilt today so I hope to finish that. Then if I have time I will make some fleecy pants for my boys. I made up a pattern for Levi's pj pants but I will need to make the rise higher for his nappy butt and the legs longer. They are "ankle freezers" at the moment. LOL Poor orphan child!

I also want to try to make a bag now that I know how much material I have left for the binding. I bought 2 yards, which ended up being 2 1/2 when the lady misread the order, she thought it said 2 FQs (1/2 yard) not 2 yards and sent them both out! Lovely!
Anyway I have a yard left cos I stuffed up a bit shh! And it's just enough to make a bag!!! SO that is another project on the go.
Maybe tomorrow I will add a list to the side of things I want to make eg Christmas presents etc.

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