Friday, June 27, 2008

damn it

So to explain it a bit better...I was sewing new elastic into (alright onto) Raife's jeans for the photos on Sunday. I got to the end of the elastic which stupidly I'd made to meet in the back seam (so there were a few layers of denim and 2 of elastic) when my machine lets out this almighty thunk!! Raife (sitting next to me in his chair) and I both jumped a mile!! I couldn't move the damn needle neither up nor down. Fine, take a deep breath. I tried to clean it, I tried removing the side bit to look in where the oil goes. No good. Finally I look at the needle, and guess what?? It's bent! Yay! (and yet damn)
Ever the optimist, I raced off to Spotlight to buy a new needle. Walking out of there with extra material not on the agenda but necessary nonetheless :).
Get home, try to put the needle in and guess what? I didn't just bend the needle...that's heard me...the whole arm thing is crooked. *sob*
And it's out of warranty *double sob*
So I called my Mum and had a sook. She thinks her neighbour may be able to fix it, apparently he previously worked with sewing machines (?).
Unfortunately for me, this means no sewing.
Maybe it's a sign to clean up my sewing desk?!?! Nah, I'll just borrow Mum's machine for a while. ;)

Dear Sewing Machine...

....Of all the days to die on, why did you choose daycare day??????? *sob*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feeling better today

Gosh I have some lovely friends.

I posted on my parenting group that I was really feeling over it and needed a holiday. This afternoon a knock at the door and I got a lovely bunch of flowers. I'm not sure which gorgeous girl did it but I am so grateful. They are beautiful!! I will pay it forward for sure...I am really looking forward to meeting them all in January.

Here is the blue and purple tutu I finished yesterday

And my gorgeous niece Miss Izzy from yesterday

And next to Raife. He is 3 months, she is 6 weeks.

Jum told us her naming day is October 11th so I am going to try to make a quilt for her.

I'd like to base it on this bag from Melly and Me

I love the design. I am hoping to do flowers like that on a white background then edge in pink scraps. I have a few pink scraps from my sister's quilt and can get more (obviously). SO that's next on the sewing table. RIght after I fix Hunter's shirt and finish Levi's pants and make a couple more tutus and....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm in a bit of a funk tonight and not in a good way. I would really enjoy being alone for a little while. I feel like I am drowning a bit at the moment. Like I'm being sucked under and can't get out. It's very annoying. I think tomorrow I will have to take a long walk by myself and B will have to manage the boys by himself. Just for a little while.
Today I finished the 2 tutus I was working on. I am loving the blue and purple one!! (getting a bit sick of pink). I unpicked the dodgy seam on the overalls for Levi. Had playgroup this morning. And got a cuddle with the lovely Miss Issy! I will upload and take some pics tomorrow. I am hanging out to buy batting for my quilt so I can tick that off the list too. Alas, funds are sparse atm so it will have to wait.
Off to take my sorry arse to bed and get some much needed beauty sleep.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you think it counts...

as one tutu when you have 2 halves???
If it does then I'm only a day behind in my to do list!!!
Today was productive...
*I managed to make 2 halves of the tutus I wanted to make.
*Cut up a tonne of material for it, but not enough purple which is why they are each half done.
* We walked to the library and borrowed some books (including quilting for dummies)
* Fixed a pair of jammies for Levi that I'd bought, but had elastic hems so cut off the circulation to his feet and hands. So I cut the cuffs off and they are fine now.
Ok, so the arms are a bit short now but hey! They aren't that bad!!
*And started a pair of overalls for Levi.
Unfortunately my machine is sounding really unwell. I will have to dig out the manual tomorrow and find out how to clean it and where to put oil. (cos I have no idea!!)
Night all!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday night

Updated list:

This weekend I need to:
1.Do 3 applique bodysuits for Miss Scarlet (1 for Mum, 2 for me) Done
2.Decide whether to do a border on K's quilt Done
3.Make 3 tutus. 2/3 done (and 2 out of 3 ain't bad!!)

Here is one of the tutus. The other is a pink and purple one like the last one.

And I also did a hat for Scarlet modelled here by a very reluctant Levi and a much more helpful Hunter! Not bad all in all. Could have been more productive but hey, who's complaining?

Yes, Levi's shirt is on backwards. He keeps stripping and quite frankly, I'm sick of it so haha, this has completely thrown him. He can't get that off!! Mwahaha!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

To do list

(Just so I have someone to answer to)

This weekend I need to:

1.Do 3 applique bodysuits for Miss Scarlett (1 for Mum, 2 for me)

2.Decide whether to do a border on K's quilt

3.Make 3 tutus.

So far I can check off no 1.


Friday, June 20, 2008


Well I sold the last 2 tutus I made so today I went and bought more material. And since I have this problem where I can't walk into a fabric shop and walk out with just what I went in to get...I ended up with some fleece and stuff for my sister's quilt! Oops!

Here are the colours for the tutus....

The combinations are endless!

(Sorry for the crappy colour but we are having really grey weather here at the moment. And it's freezing. Great sewing/creating weather but not so great for showing you! The pink above is the same pink as the purple and pink tutu from the last post)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Forgot to mention. DON'T TELL B I PUT THAT TUTU ON LEVI.

50th Post!

Ooh! Not long til my giveaway then!

Not the reason for this post though!

This is, or rather these are:

My tutus!!

This one was made for my cousin Scarlet. Not sure about the spelling but she is turning one next weekend and Mum commissioned me to make her gift. I thought about doing a cradle again like the one I made M, here. (hey! Didn't I blog that??Here's a pic)

But that's boring cos I've already done that. (heehee) so I made this:

And then decided to make more and try to sell them at markets. SO here are two more. I think I will ask $15 for them, $18 for the longer ones that I haven't made yet. LOL

And here is Levi in one so you can see the approximate length. Though he is kinda tall. They measure about 9 inches long which is 23 cms.

Yep, he's running away. I tried to bribe him to stand still with a biscuit so I could get a shot but he ran straight for the bickie tin. *sigh* What can you do?
I think I'll make a few in these colours and some blues and greens.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just tired

My sister borrowed my camera so I can't show you the tutus I've been making. Or my finished quilt top. (Not quite sure about it either). Hopefully will get it back soon.

I'm still laughing about that pic of mini-Brad Levi.

Really tired tonight so I'm off to bed early. Raife woke at 5!! Killer. He has a tooth coming in on the bottom that must be giving him grief. Not fun. Yes, he is only 3 months old. Levi got his early too, I think. Will have to check that on Essential Baby in my old posts.

Anyway, I was uploading new pics to Flickr for my sideshows and thought I'd say hi!

Friday, June 13, 2008

What a week!

Honestly, this week has been busy and tiring!

Brad is taking time off work to deal with his anxiety and depression and the boys have been so ratty!

Look at mini-me Levi copying Brad, we didn't even realise he was doing it for a sec, when I grabbed the camera he moved.

I received my parcel of fabric in the mail...

Gorgeous ginger blossom for Krissy's Christmas quilt and some Moda for the boys' (Don't ask what else is there cos I'm not sure!)

And my WIP from Wednesday which I totally meant to blog but ran out of time.
And last but not least I have my very first quilted block!! Ta daaaa!

On another note, expect to see some girly things coming up. My sister Krissy is going to be going to the Melbourne Markets soon to try and sell some of the vintage clothes she's been collecting and I've asked if she will take some things with her and see if they sell. I'm thinking some monkeys and tutus. Hmmm...what if I was to combine both those things????

Stay tuned!

Friday, June 6, 2008

How generous are bloggers??

I've been reading lots of blogs lately and am just astonished as to how generous some people are. Check out this giveaway as an example:
This gorgeous lady offered a $100 voucher for first prize just for leaving a comment. She may not even know the people leaving a comment !!!!

Blows my mind and inspires me.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Here is the latest softie I am working on.

Whaddya think?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The winner!?!?!

Me?!? No! I've never won anything before, ever. Like in all seriousness, never. Not even the stupid pass the parcel game when I was a kid. So when I entered a blog competition I was sure I was just making up the numbers. But to my absolute astonishment, I won. It was a giveaway from this blog You had to enter a comment and go in the draw to win.

So my surprise gift came today in the mail. Here are some pictures of what I received...

A brooch and some very cute buttons

AND a make your own peg doll kit!!!

What an awesome present! Thanks again!

I've also been creating some things myself.
Here is Levi's new hat (pattern courtesy of Rachel.)

And a sneak peek at a softie for a friend who is about to have a baby.