Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching up

So, I have been doing things, making stuff. My sewing machine is in desperate need of a service but my budget wont stretch that far so I've been using my Grandma's, honestly, it is so hard to get used to a different machine after only being on mine for 3/4 years.First up, we have this lovely setMy niece is obsessed with Mickey Mouse so her birthday gift was an obvious choice.
I used the free Lazy Day skirt pattern and hemmed the bottom instead of using ribbon. And I appliqued the black Mickey ears on a plain white t-shirt from Target. It has slightly puffy sleeves and looks nice and warm. It's funny. I tend to think that a handmade gift like this needs something else so I grabbed some pjs for her as well. Does anyone else do that? So weird. It took me a while to make this, but I didn't feel it was enough.
It's my nephew's naming day three weeks after the baby is born and I am going to Sydney that weekend too, so I had to make his quilt now, when I had time and no baby in my hands. I used this tutorial here and didn't even have to think about anything! Next time I will do my own fat thick binding though as I really prefer to have a bigger border. I hope they love it!

Then, the last thing to show off today is my baby girl's quilt. I tell you, if this child come out and is a boy I will have some great gifts for the next person I know who has a girl!

It the hexagon quilt, all finished!

I really struggled to quilt this one. I think it would have been better to hand quilt it but I couldn't do it. My tummy is too big and I wanted it to be finished before she gets here.

The Sydney trip I mentioned earlier will include a photo shoot with the gorgeous and talented Alinta, who did our wedding pics so I wanted the quilt ready for that. It has some massive gathers in the back but I am so in love with it.I hope this baby likes pink!!
The obligatory belly pic, the shadow on my wardrobe wall!