Thursday, November 11, 2010

Around the corner

So, Christmas is just around the corner. I am getting ready, revelling in the warmer weather and preparing for what is for us, the very busy season. I've just started school, Hunter is going to school next year and Levi is off to kinder so we've been doing lots of transition sessions. Then we have Christmas and then it's birthday week. Then the juggling starts for reals!

Anything I can do to make this busy time easier is a plus in my opinion. So, when I read about an awesome promotion just for bloggers to get 50 Christmas Cards for free I stuck my hand up!
I normally buy plain white cards and print my photos and glue them on and decorate them somehow (LOL) So this is right up my alley this year, pick the card, choose print, then they are delivered to my door! Love it!
Here is the Shutterfly website

And there are some beauties to choose from, these are some of my faves in the card section:

They also have other products, like personalised ornaments (so sweet!)

They are all classy designs with some very classic and some modern designs. Lovely!

Check them out and bloggers, sign up here.