Monday, September 22, 2008


...just got a whole lot more complicated.

I just got a new job!! I started last week, hence the lack of posts. I am now a domestic cleaner which doesn't sound all that glamorous but is really going to help pay the bills. Plus I didn't need experience/training or professional references. (Something I can't really get from my children!)


I am going back to school! I am going to finish/restart my Diploma of Children's Services. It's hopefully going to be fully paid for by the Government- Mum's returning to work thing so how coudl I say no? This starts next month and will go til December next year. It's only 3 hours of a Tuesday evening so I am hoping that will fit in ok with everything else.

All this will probably mean a bit less posting but I am hoping you will stick with me.

I received my labels last week here on etsy, but couldn't find them when I wanted to take a pic so you have to wait for that. (LOL) I already attached them to Sue and Car's giveaway gifts before I posted them last week so start looking to the mailboxes girls. Still waiting on Ruth and Mary's addresses *tut tut*!!

sneak peek

And a sneak peek of my gratitude wrap

Monday, September 15, 2008

I promise...

...I have been sewing. I just can't show you!!

Teasing, right? I've done the top for my table runner, my wrap for my gratitude swap and I'm about to start on some baby gifts.


How about I leave you with a picture of my 6 month old (!!!!)?

Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night B and I shared a bottle of champers and had a chat.

About life. About the future and what we see for ourselves in it.

I see chickens and open space and he sees pro gaming and somehow I hope we can have both. :) It was nice to reconnect.

Lately I've been going for walks of an evening, by myself with my i-river. Thinking my own thoughts, doing my own thing. Reconnecting with me. Very important, don't you think? On my walk is a cherry blossom tree. The smell of these blossoms screams spring to me. I love spring. I really do, it's just the perfect season for me. Not too hot, but perfect "cardie in the evening weather.

SO this photo here is Spring 08. The season of reconnections.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a rocking apron!

I know a certain swap partner who may like this one!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And the winner is....

HooRAY! Please email me your snail mail addy and I will post your goodies off for you!

But because I'd hate for people to get really excited and then NOT win, Ruth, Car and Sue- if you will all please email me your snail mail addresses to thebell01 @hotmail .com (without spaces) I'll pop something in the post for you!

I finished Izy's quilt and really didn't like it so I put that one aside and started again. I'm really liking this one! I think it's a keeper.
By the way- Someone in the comments asked where to get a button pusher, It comes in the kit. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Giveaway time! And a mini tutorial

Hey! Last post was my 100th post! Leave a comment on this post to be in the draw for my giveaway.

I am giving away:

- a handmade pincushion similar to the last one I made but bigger and better

- a handmade Christmas decoration (an angel)

- some chocolate.

I made this pillowcase dress last week and happened to have a matching ribbon lying around. Fate??

And here is the how-to on the button kit.

First off, I bought this kit on etsy. I bought this particular size, the 3/4 inch because I'm not so great with fiddly little things. I figured I could practice with the big size then get smaller if I needed to.

In the kit you get the mould, the pusher and 10 button tops and backs.

TOOLS (l to r: scissors, mould, pusher, button top and button back, fabric scrap)

Cut your fabric to size, be sure to leave enough fabric so that you can fold it over to properly cover the front. (Trust me) You can leave it fairly big and trim later.

Lay your mould down first, then your fabric on top of that. Try to line up the fabric so it's central in the mould. Then put the button top on top of that.

Push them in.

Trim if needed

Push the back on top of the fabric and make sure the button top is covered in fabric and you can't see any metal.

Push with the button pusher.

Ta-da! That's it. SO simple!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have a migraine but I promise to come back over the weekend and show you guys how I made the buttons and where I bought the kit.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Button, button, who's got the button?

Well, a button making kit and the button bits. WHat are they called? The shell, maybe?
Anyway I've had a quick play and made 2 buttons. 1 for each of the bigger boys for their crayon rolls.

Raife is still not well and is wriggling so I'll cut this short and hopefully be back soon with some "real" craft.

Thanks for playing the Pay It Forward Adds!

Monday, September 1, 2008


How do people come up with witty titles all the time? Any tips?

I've been joining in a few swaps lately. You may have noticed on the sidebar I joined the table runner swap on essential baby. (To be honest with you, that one scares me a little.) I am not that sure of my abilities but hey, I like a challenge. ;)

I also joined a scrap fabric swap and got this booty below. There are some fantastic Christmas fabrics in this lot!

I also saw on Mel's blog Day to Day that she was starting a "gratitude swap" where we make a stationery holder/gratitude wrap and post that off with a goodie like chocolate/coffee/bath stuff. SO obviously I had to join that! I am hoping I can use the design suggested but add my own twist. I'm just waiting to find out who I got. (Crossing my fingers I get someone with a blog so I can get an idea of who they are) Oh, and SWAP PARTNER, if you are reading this- I adore chocolate and coffee in any shape/form but am not so big on the bath stuff. :P

Also linking back to my pay it forward- join me, I can guarantee chocolate!