Monday, July 28, 2008

This is...

...what's pissing me off today.

I thought it'd be an awesome idea to make a bag with a peek a boo pocket where you can see a photo. Great, huh? Except this plastic table cloth stuff is a bitch to sew. It moves, slips, gets stuck. *sigh* Got there in the end. But don't know if it's good enough for a gift. May have to keep it. I've put it away for now and will see if it looks okay with lining etc.

I also made this ball yesterday...

appliqued these jammie shirts for Levi.

And B and I hit spotlight today

then an op shop where I found this sheet set {above left} ($3.86!!!) for the vintage sheet swap. Hope it wasn't meant to be a secret Meika??

Isn't it purty??


Ruth said...

I've sewn that table stuff a fair bit for my discovery bags and it can be a PITA! Lots of paper clips to hold layers firm, lift the foot often and sew slow are the only things that work for me. Some days it sews like a dream, other days it just wont work. It's a great idea though, so I hope you get it sorted :-)

Belinda said...

Thats good to know, I will definitely tick sewing clear plastic off my list of things to try. I wonder how people manage to make whole bags out of it.

Love your op shop find too!