Friday, June 13, 2008

What a week!

Honestly, this week has been busy and tiring!

Brad is taking time off work to deal with his anxiety and depression and the boys have been so ratty!

Look at mini-me Levi copying Brad, we didn't even realise he was doing it for a sec, when I grabbed the camera he moved.

I received my parcel of fabric in the mail...

Gorgeous ginger blossom for Krissy's Christmas quilt and some Moda for the boys' (Don't ask what else is there cos I'm not sure!)

And my WIP from Wednesday which I totally meant to blog but ran out of time.
And last but not least I have my very first quilted block!! Ta daaaa!

On another note, expect to see some girly things coming up. My sister Krissy is going to be going to the Melbourne Markets soon to try and sell some of the vintage clothes she's been collecting and I've asked if she will take some things with her and see if they sell. I'm thinking some monkeys and tutus. Hmmm...what if I was to combine both those things????

Stay tuned!

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Bernadette said...

Love all your show and tell and the block looks lovely!