Friday, June 27, 2008

damn it

So to explain it a bit better...I was sewing new elastic into (alright onto) Raife's jeans for the photos on Sunday. I got to the end of the elastic which stupidly I'd made to meet in the back seam (so there were a few layers of denim and 2 of elastic) when my machine lets out this almighty thunk!! Raife (sitting next to me in his chair) and I both jumped a mile!! I couldn't move the damn needle neither up nor down. Fine, take a deep breath. I tried to clean it, I tried removing the side bit to look in where the oil goes. No good. Finally I look at the needle, and guess what?? It's bent! Yay! (and yet damn)
Ever the optimist, I raced off to Spotlight to buy a new needle. Walking out of there with extra material not on the agenda but necessary nonetheless :).
Get home, try to put the needle in and guess what? I didn't just bend the needle...that's heard me...the whole arm thing is crooked. *sob*
And it's out of warranty *double sob*
So I called my Mum and had a sook. She thinks her neighbour may be able to fix it, apparently he previously worked with sewing machines (?).
Unfortunately for me, this means no sewing.
Maybe it's a sign to clean up my sewing desk?!?! Nah, I'll just borrow Mum's machine for a while. ;)

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