Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you think it counts...

as one tutu when you have 2 halves???
If it does then I'm only a day behind in my to do list!!!
Today was productive...
*I managed to make 2 halves of the tutus I wanted to make.
*Cut up a tonne of material for it, but not enough purple which is why they are each half done.
* We walked to the library and borrowed some books (including quilting for dummies)
* Fixed a pair of jammies for Levi that I'd bought, but had elastic hems so cut off the circulation to his feet and hands. So I cut the cuffs off and they are fine now.
Ok, so the arms are a bit short now but hey! They aren't that bad!!
*And started a pair of overalls for Levi.
Unfortunately my machine is sounding really unwell. I will have to dig out the manual tomorrow and find out how to clean it and where to put oil. (cos I have no idea!!)
Night all!

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