Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm in a bit of a funk tonight and not in a good way. I would really enjoy being alone for a little while. I feel like I am drowning a bit at the moment. Like I'm being sucked under and can't get out. It's very annoying. I think tomorrow I will have to take a long walk by myself and B will have to manage the boys by himself. Just for a little while.
Today I finished the 2 tutus I was working on. I am loving the blue and purple one!! (getting a bit sick of pink). I unpicked the dodgy seam on the overalls for Levi. Had playgroup this morning. And got a cuddle with the lovely Miss Issy! I will upload and take some pics tomorrow. I am hanging out to buy batting for my quilt so I can tick that off the list too. Alas, funds are sparse atm so it will have to wait.
Off to take my sorry arse to bed and get some much needed beauty sleep.

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