Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Welcome Raife!

My gorgeous 3rd son Raife Warren joined our little family on March 11.

He is such a lovely little thing, perfect in every way. Something I noticed very quickly though was the size of his feet- they are massive! He is going to be a very tall boy (and keep his Mummy buying new shoes every few months!) His brothers adore him and touch him constantly. He is fully breastfeed which for me is a massive achievement. I am really proud of that. I am hoping to come in and do his birth story at some point. I will also write up Hunter's again and add his and Levi's.
I am actually feeling pretty complete at the moment. After Levi was born I'd have him and Hunter in the room with me and feel like I'd have to get up to check on .... Of course there was no other child to check on. Now, though, I don't feel as though someone is missing. I don't know whether there will be a number 4 at this point.
Plus can you imagine feeding 4 teenage boys???

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