Thursday, March 27, 2008

Debt and other bad words.

Even the word pisses me off. Although to be honest everything is pissing me off right now. Maybe it's hormones, maybe just bad luck and not thinking properly.

Yesterday I had a bugger of a day..... Hunter woke up with a puffy eye, puffy face (and bad attitude). On daycare day, off all days! Off to the doctor for him while I took Levi to care. He cried when I left him as he does. I nearly cried to, as I do!! Grabbed my statement from our locker on the way out and opened it at home- they were saying I owed them over $200!! After I deciphered the codes on there I realised they were charging me for Monday public holidays! Anyway called them and sorted that out.

Hunter came home from the doctors 3 hours later with a diagnosis of conjunctivitis and a viral infection. So he's very sore and feeling sorry for himself.

I raced to the hospital and put money in the meter for Raife's orthopod appointment to find it's not actually until the 2nd April! Dumb!

Decided to stop on the way home at the chemist for more kids panadol and got a parking fine for stopping in what I thought was a 15 minute loading zone but was actually a loading zone strictly for vans/trucks with a "G" on their rego sticker. This was according to the parking ticket lady.

$110 later....ka-ching!

Man what a day!

In good news for the day....

I paid off my credit card!! Go baby bonus! So some debt has been crossed off the list!!

Very excited about that.

Not much else to say really other than I'm hanging out for a decent nap today. Who wants to bet it won't happen??

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