Friday, March 28, 2008

Levi's birth story

Sunday 21st January 2007 4.55 PM
Well, I’m booked for the caesarean tomorrow. I am just about to call the maternity desk at Geelong Hospital to find out what time the operation is and what time I need to be at the desk to check in and I’m starting to get very nervous.
We are the first ones booked in tomorrow, the hospital does the elective c/s starting from 1.30 PM and we need to “check in” at 11.30AM. I don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight. Hopefully the two Jim Beams Dad bought me will help!

Monday 22nd January
The big day is finally here! Obviously we were up early, I was able to have a muffin and some coffee before 7am, the cut off of when I could eat. I packed the rest of my bag and got Hunter ready for the day while Dad got ready. Mormor came over at about 9 to look after H for us while we were at the hospital. Dad decided to clean the ceiling fans (I’m sure it was to take his mind off things.) We left at about 10 and stopped at Pathcare to get blood taken. I had to talk your Dad into getting something to eat for his lunch because I knew it would be a long day! We checked in just after 11.

Dad got a parking permit so he didn’t have to run out and put money in the meter during the operation. Then we went and got settled in my room 617B, we had a lovely view of the helicopter landing pad! It was a very boring wait; your Daddy decided to play with the I.V stand and pretend to go fishing!

At about 12.30 the midwife came and told us what would be happening, and that the anaesthetist would be coming in soon. They went through the list of questions, what did I eat? Am I allergic to anything? What happened at Hunter’s birth? Etc. I stressed to them how concerned I was with the epidural not working this time and the Dr did his best to reassure me.

Then I had to put on the lovely gown and get ready to go. Dad also got dressed in scrubs, including the plastic shoe covers! He looked so dorky!At about 1.30 I had the epidural which worked (such a relief) and into the operating theatre we rolled. You were born at 2.13Pm and were absolutely beautiful and perfect. It was a shock to see you; you were covered in slime and looked really gunky. You screamed very loudly and it was fantastic to hear you! You weighed in at 3.465 kgs, were 51.5cms long, and had a head circumference of 35 cms. Just perfect!

Daddy cut your cord and had a hold of you (actually he wouldn’t put you down, or give you to the nurses.) I didn’t feel confident holding you while I was lying on the theatre table so I waited til we were in recovery.
It took us about an hour after you were born to decide on your name. We knew you weren’t a Jaxon but were stuck between Jett and Levi. In the end we decided on Levi.
We stayed in recovery for a little while getting to know each other, having a breastfeed, just making sure we were ok.

Dad went and got Hunter later that first night and he went straight up to you and said Hello and tried to touch you. He gave you a kiss too. Mormor, Poppy Mick and Aunty Kristie were your first visitors. Over the next few days we had Oldemor, Grandad, Anita, Julian, Nicole (etc), Aunty Kristie and Miki to visit.

We shared a room with a couple of characters. The lady next door had a big baby boy who cried all night long! It was terrible. They also brought in some kind of game console (I think Nintendo) and had a TV blocking the way to our bed which was closer to the window. So we left a day early, on Hunter’s birthday. The doctor found that you had a clicky hip though and that meant we had to stay and have the real doctor (as opposed to the student) check you over and ok us to leave.

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