Friday, March 7, 2008


So we were booked in for the c/s for the 12th March. Everything was planned. B had organised to take off Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday to help organise the house and keep the boys occupied etc and Wednesday for the birth. My Mum was organised to have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off to watch the boys.
THEN... I got a phone call today from the birth suite asking whether I could possibly change to Tuesday. A whole day earlier! Yes, of course, shall I come now??? LOL
No, seriously, how exciting! 4 days til we meet our third child! Yet how scary. I was mentally psyched for Wednesday, now he'll be here Tuesday?!?!?
I called Mum but because Monday is a public holiday she can't have Tuesday off as well. :(
Luckily we have a fantastic childcare centre who said "No worries" when asked to fit the boys in.
So glad!
So I am feeling very happy that I went yesterday and bought the wraps for the baby and his going home outfit and the things I need for hospital. I also started to pack my bag yesterday so that's a relief.

Plans for the weekend are to clean the house, it's kinda grotty. I just have no energy and my back is really sore right now. Since B and the boys won't be here for the week, it should stay clean til I get home. (hopefully!) I want to make a few meals that B can defrost and warm up for work. Mum will feed them all on Wed-Fri when she already has the boys. I am hoping to be out of hospital on Saturday.
All this planning!! I am getting a headache!- Already!

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