Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Raife's birth story



We were all set to have the c/s on the 12th March. Mormor was booked to watch Hunter and Levi, and Brad had the day off work. The hospital however, had other plans! On the Friday before the c/s I got a phone call asking if it was possible to come in on the Tuesday instead. “Absolutely!” I am so ready to meet my newest little man!! Unfortunately Mormor couldn’t get the day off work so it was off to daycare for H and Le. (Not that they minded!!)

So I spent a frantic weekend packing my hospital bag, the boys’ bags for daycare and their bags for Mormor. I also had to make sure that Dad had stuff to take to work for lunch…. we know what he’s like!!

Tuesday morning was a bit hectic. Got the boys off to daycare fine, almost cried saying goodbye but managed to hold it together! We came home again after realising we were way too early! Had a sit down and started to panic…. then off we went. I had to have a blood test before the operation, luckily I had Dad with me because without him asking to rush us through I think I would have been late!

We arrived at Geelong Hospital at 11 as requested, got set up in my room, room 617. Funnily enough it was the same room I had Levi in but the other bed. Sent Daddy away to keep himself occupied because the operation was scheduled for 3 and he would have driven me crazy asking when it was going to happen etc. So I read some magazines, talked to my Mum, spoke to the midwives, doctors and anaesthetist.

I called Dad and told him to be back by 2, as we would be “called” to go at about 2.30!! Then I started to get nervous.

Dad was right on time and the doctor was not far behind him so I got gowned up, and away to theatre we went. Dad got to put on a lovely pink hat and white overalls and they started to prep me with drips, and other paraphernalia. We had to wait a while after the spinal was inserted while the operating room was cleaned from the previous c/s. Then we had a blackout. That’s right, the power went out! Of course the hospital has a generator but it doesn’t really help a person to be relaxed!

Finally just after 3 in we went. There are so many people in the room and honestly I have no idea why half of them were there, I’m sure they all had a purpose but it kind of irks me that they weren’t all introduced to us.

There was a doctor/nurse in there that actually took care of Hunter when he was in special care, I remembered her face and while they were opening me up we worked out where I knew her from. She was lovely and stayed with us in recovery etc til we went back to the ward.

Your father was fantastic as usual, holding my hand and talking to me while taking the occasional peek over the sheet to see what was happening. He just chatted away and is a nice, calm presence.
Anyway…. finally we hear the suction going and then we heard a cry. Gosh I love that sound- My newest baby boy Raife was born! I have to admit that I had to have a look and see what gender you were because no-one bothered to say. You were here and you were beautiful! A gorgeous pink colour. Big long arms and legs. And your feet, my goodness, they are big!!

Daddy cut your cord and had a cuddle with you. We took some pics of the 3 of us together. Tried to feed you but it was too uncomfortable lying down doing it so we waited til we were in recovery.
Unfortunately as they were sewing me up, the anaesthetic wore off and once again I felt pain during the c/s.
They gave me pills to take in the recovery room but they made me feel so ill. We had our first cuddle in there and our first feed. Daddy and I decided that you were definitely a Raife, and then he had to go pick up the boys from daycare. We were in recovery for a really long time because the blackouts had caused the lifts to shut down so we were waiting for them to start up again.

I was in a lot of pain up in the room and we just couldn’t get on top of it. Then of course I was feeling so ill from the amount of painkillers they gave me that I actually started vomiting which is really hard to do lying down. Aunty Kristie came to see us but I think she was a bit worried about me so I sent her home and said to come back in the morning.
Daddy dropped your brothers at Mormor’s and came back up to see us. I’m sure we talked but the rest of the night is a blur of pain and feeling unwell, unfortunately.

On Wednesday Aunty Kristie came in and helped me do your first bath! That’s normally Dad’s thing, to do the first baths but he was up all night with Hunter vomiting so I got to do it. You HATED it. Really screamed the place down, which if I remember rightly, is why it’s Dad’s job! Also because he has larger hands that make babies feel more secure.
Anyway I did it, we did it, sorry!
You met your brothers that afternoon, though they were both unwell so didn’t stay long. Your Mormor and Poppy Mick and Aunty Kristie came in that night to say hello. And we got a surprise visit from Aunty Kezz which was nice.

Oh, one more thing I want to mention. We had a lovely morning on Thursday, Daddy came in to visit by himself and took us outside to the courtyard where we all sat in the sun together and got to have a chat.

We stayed in hospital from Tuesday til Friday when I’d had enough of being there with strangers, gross food, crying babies, and no privacy. We didn’t really have the hang of breastfeeding but had an appointment with the Lactation Consultant and I’m confident when we are at home we will get it.
Straight after your first bath!

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Naz32 said...

Sel, what a lovely story it bought tears to my eyes. Its a shame the night was marred by the pain but sounds like it was all worth it :) I loved that you wrote it as if you were telling it to Raife.