Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday mornings

Aren't you supposed to get a sleep in and have a relaxing day on Sundays? Or does that not count when you are a Mum? Gotta tell you, I am hanging out for the day that Raife sleeps past 5 am.

I've been tagged by Tracey to either write 6 random things OR (since I've done that) 6 things that make me happy.
Then I have to link the person who tagged me and tag 6 more people you know (and let them know you have tagged them in a comment on their blog).

-My babies. They make me happier than I thought possible

-Brad. He can ALWAYS make me laugh.


-A good coffee

-Fabric!! (kinda obvious right?)

-Mail (anything except bills)

I'm going to tag
one shabby chick

Anyone else who hasn't been tagged, jump in!

1 comment:

Cass said...

Yep I think the sleep-in's end when you have kids at least until they are teenagers