Saturday, August 9, 2008

More from yesterday

So, yesterday I went to Mormor's (my Grandma's) to clean as I do every fortnight. And while I was there, she mentioned that Aunt Ida had dropped off a few bags of clothes and I should have a look in case there was anything there I liked. You can imagine what I was thinking, right? Musty old lady clothes. But, apparently they are Ida's granddaughter's clothes and guess what? She is the same size as me and has great taste in clothes so I scored.
Big time.
This stuff looks like it has hardly been touched, let alone worn.

Then I got stuck into making the rest of Alex's present. (Party is on Sunday)

And I basted and pinned Hunter's quilt. Took me 3 goes. But it's done and I started quilting! Just doing in the ditch. It's a single bed size.
Can't wait to start on the other boys' but I'm trying not to rush the process and just enjoy the ride.

Have a great weekend!

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