Friday, August 8, 2008

say it with me...

Daycare day!

Please don't get me wrong, I love my babies. But it is so nice to be able to do something for 2 minutes without interruption. These daycare days make it possible to be the smiling, happy mama I am for the other 5 days. Bit of breathing space if you will.

My Mum brought me these flowers on Sunday

The postman brought me these fabrics on Monday

They are sitting behind me, calling me...

Alas I can not answer them

Because I am (AM) going to finish Hunter's quilt first. I have done the top (hooray!) I have bought the batting (hooray!) and I have done the backing (Hip hip hooray)!!!

Just need to baste it, pin it, quilt it and bind it. *sigh* Not long to go now!

I have also been posting some goodies away

This is a bag of selvedges for RicRac

This is my contribution to Softies for Mirabel ( I am so late)

Mrs Perkins with the permission of Melly & Me

And a fishie H has named Nemo

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Ruth said...

I'm saying it with you..."Daycare Day" :-)

Mrs Perkins looks great, as do all your new fabrics. Have fun with them.