Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Such a "home"

Well, we are much more settled here. It feels like home already. I love the space, the light, the warmth that permeats this house. It's awesome. We are all much more relaxed here. I really love it. I am crossing everything that we can stay in this home for as long as possible.
I almost changed the boys from daycare on the other side of town to one that is just up the road but I just couldn't. They are settled there, know the carers and the routine. Instead I dropped a day, they will only be going on Friday. I am thinking of taking them swimming (!!) or something on Wednesday instead. I need to find other activities for them that we can do together out of the house... Thinking cap is on.
I'll come back and show some crafty stuff I am working on soon.

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incywincy said...

Hooray! YOU WON! Come see my blog. x
& your house looks great. =D