Sunday, May 4, 2008


Ok, so I had no idea what to put as a title :P

While pg with Raife I got itchy fingers and decided to teach myself to crochet. Well, I lie, I used Mr Google and taught myself from online tutorials.

This is the result:

George the Monkey and Lily the Lion

Very bright orange mane on Lily!!

I would like to make more but make the next ones a bit bigger and fatter, unfortunately I seem to be over making them!! Shame about the shitload of wool I bought!

The next project I'd like to attempt is a quilt but I am too scared that I'm not accurate enough in my cutting etc and I'll end up with a crooked ugly quilt. Maybe I can get scrap material from the op shop and attempt one with that? Plus it would have to be REALLY simple. Hmmm..........

What else is new? Oh, we are moving. That's right, we are moving house on Thursday. Have I mentioned yet how much I HATE moving. I hate packing, cleaning, the physical moving things, then I hate working out what goes where and unpacking. I also hate organising everything cutting off supplies etc. *sigh* Oh well, it will all be over in a week and I'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

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