Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Red Riding Hood

Interesting title, huh? Lately I've been falling in love with fabric. I'm going to attempt to make a quilt (or two) so I've been reading lots of crafty blogs and being inspired...very scary! My credit card hates me!

So whilst waiting to accumulate enough fabric to do something big I've been making some smaller things...here's a doorstop I made with the RRH fabric. (It has a leather base!!!!)

And a sneak peek of something else I am doing for a friend having a baby.

There will be some more sneak peeks soon once the fabric arrive. Shh! Don't tell Brad!

In other news my children are driving me nuts. Levi is attaching himselfto me the second I put Raife down and Raife has been more unsettled lately which is no fun. He's feeding every 2 hours which is crazy! He's a right little porker too, completely unnecessary!! :P

We got the paints out today-excuse the jarmies. It was too hard to get them dressed today (me too) and it's probably a good thing I didn't get them dressed LOOK AT LEVI! There was purple paint everywhere except his paper. On the floor, his face, his EAR, the fridge etc.

Too funny!

My dryer has shit itself too so that's great. At least it's still under warranty! Waiting for the repair guy to call and arrange a time to fix it...meanwhile none of the clothes are drying!! I think I might make a trip to the laundromat alone tonight. Good excuse for a break. ;)

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