Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

So, it is a complete pain in the backside to have a lactose intolerant child. Raife, my youngest, is unable to eat dairy without getting a really upset tummy, which isn't pleasant for him, or us as the nappy changers. ;)This year I attempted to make him a Humpty Dumpty like his brothers. Why didn't I google how to use chocolate moulds before attempting this? Anyway, no pictures as it was a bit of a mess! I put Skittles inside and he loved it! I just couldn't get the two halves to stick together properly and had trouble getting the chocolate out of the case. Hopefully he'll grow out of it by next year!
We went to my Grandma's for an egg hunt and I made a carrot cake which was delicious, here's the recipe. Cream cheese icing! Mmm!In other news the cardigan for the baby girl is done and waiting for buttons and I am powering through the hexagon quilt. I think I may need to get myself to the quilt shop and buy some more FQs!

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Penny said...

The cardigan is so cute! And you can get Lindt eggs & bunnies which are vegan - maybe for next year!