Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well what a nightmare yesterday waas. I had to cut that post short because Levi fell/jumped off my knee and banged his chin on the desk. Poor baby bled all over my shirt too!

Anyway, we have mice living with us. They are uninvited and we can't for the life of us get rid of the beggars. I am hoping the real estate will pay for an exterminator, because it's just gross to see the little thing(s??) sticking it's head out from under the heater or running from the boys' room. I'm seriously contemplating moving, but I desperately want to pay off these debts and get some savings together before paying more money in rent. Gah, I could drive myself crazy having this conversation over and over again, so I'll stop now and leave you with a pic of a monkey I crocheted for an eb friends' baby.

And a pic of Raife @ 6 weeks!

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