Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Boys!

Gosh, this week really plays with my emotions. Levi turned one on Tuesday. One. You've been here for an entire year! I can't believe it. I feel as though I've always known you but that I don't know enough about you. You amaze me. You are such a beautiful boy. Full of love and man, are you a cheeky child. Oi. You will do something that you know you're not supposed to, so I say no and you just smile and laugh and turn around and do it again! You are much "easier" than Hunter was, but I suppose that's the way we were with you. We were much more confident with our big man and you are much more confident in return. Levi, you are such a loveable and loving child and I love you more as each second passes and every new facet of your personality is revealed.
Hunter's birthday is today. He is 3. This makes me simultaneously so happy and yet so sad, because soon he'll be grown up! It also really scares me that we haven't "done" enough. I am constantly questioning whether I played with him, talked with him, taught him enough. I know I cuddle him and tell him I love him enough but am I with him enough? Just being there?
Oh, I have to try harder I think. I'm always ready with an excuse... the dishes, the washing needs to be done... "I'll just do this, then I'll play"
Starting this afternoon I will stop doing that and just be with my children, I know there's a poem somewhere. I will find it and print it and read it every day.
Anyway, back to Hunter's birthday...
When did he get so big? When did he get to learn everything he knows? He astounds me with his knowledge and to think that he still has so much to learN! He knows colours and shapes and some letters and numbers.He can sing theme songs from his favourtie shows and some hot 40 songs like "too late to apologise" and one gwen song we hear alot who's name escapes me.
My beautiful gentle, sensitive boy who gets so upset when people get hurt. My little man who hates changes and goodbyes. My baby who still can't say I love you properly but gets his point across. The boy who hates naptime and is probably going to give it up soon. Mr Picky when it comes to food and will not touch potato (!) unless it's a chip. My boy with my fair "pasty" skin who will have to be very careful in the sun forever. You are such a cautious little boy when it comes to some things and a daredevil with others! My love for you grows with every breath you take and I can't wait to share your life with you.

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