Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I wore Wednesday

on a Thursday.

Yesterday was just gym clothes so this is a bit more bloggable!

Still with the stupid poses, right? LOL

The dress is TEMT
vest: Target
Leggings: KMart
Hair band: Facebook, but I am not recommending her. I'm wearing it because I fought so damn hard to get her to finally make the right sized band.
Now to decide if I wear my bright pink ballet flats or black...

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the textured leaf said...

Hi Selina,
Pink! I think you need a spike of colour??! But was this last week?

Ive met the nicest lady, Pina who owns the brand Carnival designs and she is the master when it comes to headbands. Shes on facebook too. I highly recommend her stuff, its gorgeous. Check her out and mention me(if you like) as we are market buddies,