Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pepper's pink Party

My baby girl turned one in June this year and I planned a big PINK party for her. My first ever pink party, and let me tell you after 3 boys, I was looking forward to it!
I made her party dress using this tutorial and of course, the Sherbet Pips fabric. It's so girly and lovely!

The cake was a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. I really wanted to do a ruffle cake but it was too time consuming so this was the next best choice. :)

I also made mini cupcakes with 100s and 1000s in the mix and my first ever sugar cookies. And they were a hit so hopefully I will get better at them and they will look better at the next few parties!

I kept the decorations pretty simple and pink. lol Tissue paper flowers, lanterns, bunting made by the ever talented Leoni and balloons. For what is a party without balloons?


Daisie said...

Happy Pink Birthday!!! x

Sally said...

So much lovely dovely pink. I've just been showing my daughter your photos... she is filled with inspiration for her own birthday.

AJ said...

All that pink was just wonderful....enjoy it with many more to come!

Sydney said...

Everything looks so beautiful (especially your daughter!) and professional! Lovely job!

sister outlaws said...

What a beautiful party! I have a daughter called Pepper too!

Lea said...

What a beautiful party. Gorgeous cake. I haven't seen anything like that before. So pretty and the sweetest little dress. Love the fabric choice. Lucky little girl.

PS Visiting for Blogtoberfest:)