Monday, February 7, 2011


Gee that flew by. I am hoping to have more time to check in now that hubby is working, Hunter is at school and Levi is at kinder. Imagine how much time I will have when I find daycare for Raife and Pepper. For now, I will slip in when I can. I hope to be able to comment a bit more, I feel like I sneak in and out of blogs more than I'd like. Anyway, any interest in some Christmas crafting?

Wrapping paper painting

I've been making some fabric bags the past few years and decided to sew the kid's name tags as well. It was fun!

And some gorgeous yarn dyed by my lovely friend. Her shop is shut at the moment but hopefully will be open again soon. Ladybug loops
I already used the bottom right one for a friend's baby girl.



Ohhh.... i love the hand dyed yarn. What a treat!

ps: I think my sweet brooch giveaway might be right up your alley! Stop by if you have a moment...

Elisha said...

thanx Sel for the link to your blog.. love your font.. how to change your font on your blog?