Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Gosh, it's a busy time of year, isn't it?
Just seems to be non-stop.
I have no idea what I am up to here.

I told you all about my swap with Jo, right? The handmade ornaments? I got mine yesterday from Ali.
She made some gorgeous decos for the tree from I think, ribbon? They are just lovely and a yoyo garland that I have no idea where to hang so it won't get wrecked. (by little jumping up and pulling things down people) Oh and some candy canes for me... no, I mean the boys!

...Um... I posted my stocking full o'Cheer and that's been received, my partner requested silver which totally threw me! I am normally a gold person and finding silver fabric was really tricky! Nonetheless got there in the end and actually really enjoyed the challenge. Here is what I made:

I keep trying to take pics of the decorations around the house but it's so gloomy at the moment.

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Nikki said...

WHat an ispiring bundle of xmas decorations on this page!! Between you and your swap partner there are so many lovely ideas!!!