Monday, November 24, 2008

You'd be forgiven...

...for thinking that after my last post about how close Christmas is, that I'd been doing something to prepare for it.

Nup, instead I pulled out an old WIP that had to be finished right then and there.

Hunter's quilt is done.

I love it. It is so him. So retro, gorgeous and deep just like him.

It is mostly made from Spotlight fabrics. With the exception of the bug fabrics (brown). I saw the Michael Miller retro transport and added in more browns and greens. I love pieced backs. I think they rock!
Here it is in action on his bed. I was debating whether to save it for Christmas but he walked in and said "My blanket! It's very cool Mum" so I left it there.

Next up: Levi's!!


Melissa Antolovic said...

Great colours - I just bought some of the stripey one from Spotlight yesterday!

Car said...

Love it Selina :)

The colours are so gorgeous together!

Kelly said...

What a lucky boy Hunter is! The colours are gorgeous. I wish I could quilt :)

Little White Dove said...

Looks great, those colours are so yummy!