Sunday, October 12, 2008


I really prefer that to op shopping don't you?
So lately, on the way to all my different jobs I've been stopping in at different op shops, Vinnie's, the Salvos. And I've been finding things!!
Mostly pillowcases:

The one on the right is a pair! for 50c! A bit faded but still rocking.

Then I found a doona cover, I really like the mustard colour.

And more pillowcases, I am loving the yellow colours at the moment.

The one on the right came in it's original package and is in perfect condition.
Thanks for all the quilt love! Thanks Jodie for sending everyone here. Thank goodness I actually had something to show when everyone was visiting! Here is the gorgeous recipient
And with me, Aunty Sel.
And a full length shot of my gorgeous vintage dress which I totally adore and have to give back to my thrifting goddess sister. She won't sell it to me!


Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Wow that's an amazing dress. Maybe you could look after it for her until she forgets she bought it? LOL

tea and cake said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog - I love your blog, and thrifting, so we're going to get along nicely!

My Inspired Heart said...

love the thrifty finds! I went to some rummage sales last weekend...and hit the jackpot, too! lots of wonderful fabrics and sewing stuff! I love it when I find goodies like that :)