Monday, September 1, 2008


How do people come up with witty titles all the time? Any tips?

I've been joining in a few swaps lately. You may have noticed on the sidebar I joined the table runner swap on essential baby. (To be honest with you, that one scares me a little.) I am not that sure of my abilities but hey, I like a challenge. ;)

I also joined a scrap fabric swap and got this booty below. There are some fantastic Christmas fabrics in this lot!

I also saw on Mel's blog Day to Day that she was starting a "gratitude swap" where we make a stationery holder/gratitude wrap and post that off with a goodie like chocolate/coffee/bath stuff. SO obviously I had to join that! I am hoping I can use the design suggested but add my own twist. I'm just waiting to find out who I got. (Crossing my fingers I get someone with a blog so I can get an idea of who they are) Oh, and SWAP PARTNER, if you are reading this- I adore chocolate and coffee in any shape/form but am not so big on the bath stuff. :P

Also linking back to my pay it forward- join me, I can guarantee chocolate!

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